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Human Stem Cell
Culture Supernatant

Only the cell culture supernatant of healthy Japanese umbilical cord is sold as a product. Cultivation and manufacturing of the product are all performed in Japan, five strict tests are conducted in the manufacturing process, and only the cell culture supernatant that meets all the inspection standards is handled, so it is a product with extremely high safety.


The American Academy of
Anti-Aging Med

A4M is a non-profit entity that holds two annual World Congresses, each of which hosts about 5,000 physicians and healthcare practitioners.


Metabolic Medical Institute

Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) was founded in 2014 as the branch of A4M that houses and contains all of the advanced medical education available to practitioners and allied health professionals.

Human Stem Cell
culture supernatant

Human Stem Cell culture supernatant

We handle highly rare cell culture supernatants
that meet strict standards


A human stem cell culture supernatant with “world top level” quality produced by researchers who have been engaged in regenerative medicine and stem cell research in academia for many years.


High-precision multiple inspections are performed, and only cell culture supernatants that meet all inspection standards are used. We use an extremely small amount of media and reagents. Only this way a safe reliable product will be provide.


Cells collected only from Japanese donors culture and manufacturing only in Japan. We provide the highest quality supernatant under a thorough safety management system. Culture and manufacturing are all done in japan.


In order to maintain quality safety, only products that are stored at -70°C or less and are within 6 months of manufacture are carefully selected as undiluted products. We provide the highest quality and high concentration of cytokines and growth factors.


To ensure product safety, we carry out the following five
inspections in the manufacturing process and provide only
products that meet all standards.

Donor Screening

1)Donor virus test

Blood tests are conducted twice
before and after tissue collection

We respect the window period of 92 days to collect the second blood sample from the donor, thus completely ruling out the possibility of tissue infection.

  • All tests negative HBV HVC HIV HTLV PVB-19 syphilis
  • The virus inspection items are based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Act on Ensuring Safety of Regenerative Medicine”.
  • For the setting of the window period, refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Estimated window period and retrospective period of infectious disease inspection”.

Inspection in Manufacturing Process

After confirming again that there is no viral or bacterial contamination, also ruling out
contamination by fungi and mycoplasma in the culture process, and that the endotoxins
are not above the standard value.

2) Virus Inspection
3) Mycoplasma negative

  • All virus test are negative HBV HVC HIV HTLV PVB-19 CMV EB WNV
  • Negative mycoplasma test

*The virus inspection items are based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Ensuring the quality and safety of human somatic stem cell processed drugs”.

4) Sterility test
5) Endotoxin test

■ Sterility test
Negative growth of various bacteria(fungi)
Confirm no bacterial growth

■ Endotoxin test
Confirmed that the endotoxin concentration in the
culture supernatant is less than 0.5 EU/ ml


Various TROPHIC effects have been confirmed

Paracrine Effect

Cell culture supernatant is rich in hundreds of cytokines. Cytokines have the function of promoting cell growth and repair.

Cytokine Orchestra

The interaction of cytokines with different properties creates a synergistic effect and leads to cell activation.

Retaining the original “Golden Ratio” of Humans

Based on the concept of cytokine orchestra, we willdeliver the undiluted supernatant liquid without adding any specific cytokine to the cell culture supernatant that we provide.


Currently, there is almost no circulation of cell culture supernatant derived from Japanese donors and Japanese-made umbilical cords. We provide the cell
culture supernatant derived from Japanese umbilical cord, which is extremely rare in the market.

Mainly derived from Fat

Due to the ease of tissue collection, the main source is a Japanese donor and adipose-derived fat.

Derived from Dental Pulp ≒Derived from the milk tooth pulp

Due to the spread of deciduous tooth banks, pulp derived from pulp tooth is the mainstream, and it is the second most distributed after fat.

Cord Blood is from overseas

Umbilical cord blood derived culture supernatants are mainly produced overseas such as Korean and American products.


A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Japan

We provide the latest practical medical information on anti-aging・ prevent medicine, which has received the most attention in the world including the United States.

A4M JAPAN International Conference Scheduled

A4M JAPAN will hold the A4M JAPAN International Conference, which gathers the latest medical specialists in the world.

MMI Medical Education Program

MMI Offers educational programs for medical professionals based on the world`s latest medical information


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